Is it possible to become Pushkin for money?

Indeed, in the era of the development of education, everyone can try their hand at literature (regardless of the presence of talent!) And promote their creativity on the air. Sometimes it even begins to seem that the writing people in the world will soon become much more than their readers - such a tendency is emerging. And finding the author in this literary mill is not so easy (it was much easier for our ancestors to solve this question several centuries ago, when the circle of poets and fiction writers was not so wide), because each author seeks to become not just famous, but popular !

What is the "drop of the Danish king"?

I do not really poison the smell of this medicine, until I remember about the holy Mount Carmel, where Elijah the prophet completed his days. The Greeks claimed that this is the mountain of Zeus. In the limestone slopes of the mountain washed karst caves, where Cro-Magnon skeletons were found. Here the plants of the tropics coexist with alpine meadows, and the eternal need for treatment was satisfied by a rich set of tools.

How to repair an apartment in a new building?

And we should start by understanding the difference in the construction of monolithic and panel houses. After all, most of the proposals of new real estate are made in these houses. And they are built on different technologies. Therefore, the method of repairing an apartment in a new building will have significant differences. In monolithic houses, apartments usually have a free layout.

So what do you do with old magazines?

1. Give or give away. To whom? Who needs old magazines ?! Calmly Firstly, they are not that old. Secondly, everything new is well forgotten old. Third, it may be necessary. Familiar businessman who has his own hairdresser or beauty salon: clients in the waiting room are happy to read glossy magazines sitting in soft leather chairs.

How to avoid becoming an energy donor? Stay adequate

As long as you live well and quietly, the "vampire" hesitates, suffers, walks around in circles. He is hungry: peace is not his element. And since it feeds on your negative emotions, it will do everything possible to bring you out of yourself. As soon as he got it, the aggressor fed and fell away, like a leech. He is pleased, and you are shaking valerian in a glass with shaking hands.

How is the character of the child?

By raising a baby in the first years of life should be treated as carefully as his feeding, instilling in him sensible habits and skills. If you do not bring them up at an early age, then in the future you will have to re-educate the child, and this is always much more difficult to do. Character is not given by nature - it develops when combining various properties that are formed under the influence of life and upbringing.