Is there life above asphalt? Part 2

Go to the first part of the article ... Tanya was sitting on the balcony for the third hour, staring at one point. She then roared, then again went through the pages of the texts that she had printed from the disk from the envelope. Neither Timofey with lessons and a dirty karate uniform, nor her husband, waiting for dinner with a puzzled raised eyebrow, could not make her budge.

How to make a new window out of the old one?

What did he do with the window (the other two I, after looking at the secrets of skill, repaired on my own)? First of all, the window leaf, and then both doors of the window were removed from the hinges and all the "good" laid out on the floor. (This moment is very important: a window that has not been removed from the hinges cannot be brought to mind.) The bead is carefully torn off, the glass is removed.

What is harassment on the Internet? Teenagers

Cyberbulling has become a real problem, and in Western countries they are talking about it openly more often. We still have a problem that is silenced and not noticed by adults. It is still difficult for our generation to imagine how closely intertwined real and virtual life is. Or we cannot say this about our own child - presence on social networks, communication on the Internet is considered relatively safe.

Self-confidence. Why keep a diary of success?

I will start with a story about what a woman receives who keeps such a diary. When you begin to keep a diary of success, you will find an inexhaustible source of strength. And note: your strength! How? If you have a Success Diary, you can return to the previous records at any time and be filled with this energy!