About honey, we know everything. Or… ?

Honey is a wonderful environment in which vitamins are stored for a long time, which is not always possible to say about vegetables and fruits.

Honey has all the advantages as a food product to preserve the biological balance of the body and maintain normal health.

The calorie content of honey in comparison with some basic foods can be represented as follows: 1 kg of sugar - 3900 calories, bee honey - 3150, wheat bread - 2170, chicken eggs (20 pcs.) - 1590, beef of average fatness - 1330, potatoes - 836, cow's milk - 665 calories.

When heated above 60 degrees (the optimal heating temperature is up to 39 degrees) changes occur in honey: darkening, caramelization of sugar, volatilization of essential oils, loss of enzymatic and other properties; it becomes an ordinary hydrocarbon food and loses its therapeutic effect on the human body.

The effectiveness of honey in preventing and increasing the resistance of the human body against diseases is well known.

Honey, getting into the intestine, is quickly absorbed by the lymphatic system and from there it penetrates into the blood and tissues, showing nourishing, strengthening and healing properties.

Honey is useful even for infants, it is used in mixed and artificial diets (it is known that refined sugar is contraindicated in these cases).

Traditional medicine aims to increase the life expectancy of a person equal to five times the period necessary for the full development of the body, according to the laws of the life of the animal world. In this regard, it offers a very simple recipe to fully meet the body's need for mineral elements. It consists of the following: two teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water one or more times a day, depending on mental and physical stress. Honey mixed with apple cider vinegar takes away excess moisture from the blood, thereby reducing blood pressure. Acting as a tranquilizer, it reduces any tension that causes disturbances in the nervous system.

Honey is not only an excellent food product, but also a good preventive supplement for digestion. It prevents the processes of putrefactive fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract and destroys the pathogenic bacteria. Having a weak laxative effect, it helps to prevent constipation.

Honey helps with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, liver inflammation, kidney disease, bladder and scrofula.

Honey contains important elements necessary for the formation of blood cells.

Honey reduces a sharp, irritating cough, reduces pain in arthritis.

Acting as a sedative, it contributes to a strong and restorative sleep.

Consumption of honey (from 12 to 16 teaspoons during the day with food or at night) helps to prevent weight loss as a result of hard work and great physical exertion.

Honey is an ideal energy product that helps to recuperate after an illness and a great deal of physical and mental stress.

As for the food necessary for fetal development, - 2 teaspoons of honey to mother during each meal or for dessert helps to create a strong nervous system of the child.

The daily portion of honey for an adult is 60–100 g (in several doses), for children this amount is reduced by half. It is better to take honey for 1,5−2 hours before meals and 3 hours after it.

Some honey treatment features:

Medoc with brown for the treatment of thrush:
- a teaspoon of borax dissolved in 3-4 tablespoons of natural honey;
- wipe the rash swab moistened in the prepared composition, to complete cleansing.

- Two raw egg yolks, a tablespoon of honey, half a teaspoon of salt mix with rye flour to the consistency of wet clay;
- apply the mixture to the abscess before opening and cleansing.

When coughing in children, it is recommended to take carrot juice with honey:
- carrot juice should be freshly prepared;
- take a mixture of a tablespoon 4−5 times a day.

Juice of elecampane mixed in equal proportions with honey is recommended for bronchial asthma.

Honey is used as a lotion in case of inflammation of the eyes and fresh cataract (peatworm).

A 20% solution of honey, drawn into the nostrils, cures a chronic runny nose and even a lake.

With skin diseases (boils, carbuncles), with burns (even near the eyeball) it is the best and simplest ointment, it weakens pain sensations; and for burns it prevents the formation of blisters.

When rinsing with honey, pain in the throat is reduced if swallowing is difficult.

Make friends with honey, and he will thank you a hundredfold.

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