What salads can be made from tomatoes?

What is most surprising in tomatoes: they retain their beneficial properties even when canned! For example, green tomatoes and after salting have a wonderful set of vitamins, useful acids and antioxidants. However, it is necessary to salt without vinegar, because it has a devastating effect.

Tomatoes are able to serve as effective prevention of cancer, help normalize the gastrointestinal tract, are good for the heart and blood vessels, increase immunity, normalize metabolic processes, remove various toxins that accumulate in the human body in chronic diseases, and even can relieve depression. In addition, the low calorie content of tomatoes makes them desirable on the table of anyone suffering from excessive weight. In general, as mentioned, a real miracle berry!

In fact, it is not necessary to cook tomatoes. They can be eaten, and so - while holding a piece of bread, or even independently. But so quickly get bored. But if you combine tomatoes with other products, preparing various and tasty dishes from them, they can decorate the table every day.

Another wonderful bonus of tomatoes: they are wonderfully combined with many products: various cheeses, vegetables, greens, meat of various kinds, and even fish and seafood. Anything. For any, even the most refined taste.

So, let's see what salads can be made from tomatoes.

The easiest option: Tomatoes are cut into pieces (the size of the pieces is optional), then salt is added, spices (to taste), everything is thoroughly mixed, and then dressing is added. You can fill this salad with sour cream, mayonnaise, vegetable oil.

By the way, tomatoes with vegetable oil are better digested and absorbed by the body.

Let's slightly complicate the recipe: add to the fresh tomatoes onions, sliced ​​into rings, half rings or finely chopped - at will and taste. This salad is better to fill with vegetable oil. But if instead of onions take green, and even add other herbs (dill, parsley), then as a dressing better sour cream.

Another minor complication - add an additional ingredient: fresh cucumber. Will get classic tomato and cucumber salad. You can also add cabbage, sweet peppers, various greens. Tomato and cucumber salad is usually seasoned with sour cream, but when adding sweet pepper, vegetable oil is much better suited.

Another simple tomato salad: tomatoes, carrots, unsweetened apple, fresh cucumbers, onions, lemon, greens, sugar and salt (to taste). This salad is filled with vegetable oil.

One of the best salads with tomatoes includes the following ingredients: tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, bacon, basil, spices to taste, spinach. Salad dressing with olive oil. Instead of basil and spinach, you can use other herbs, as well as include onions, fresh cucumbers, sweet peppers in the salad, eliminating bacon - this is especially true for those who watch their figure.

You can also cook Shop Salad - very tasty dish, and not too high in calories. To prepare the salad you will need the following ingredients: tomatoes, onions, olives, sweet peppers, cheese, fresh cucumbers, parsley, sea salt (added to taste), paprika. This salad is dressed with olive oil. Salad can be decorated with a sprig of greens before serving, but in fact, it is so tasty that the decoration is unlikely to last long - they will eat it much earlier than they have time to notice.

Chicken fillet, olives, shrimps, salted red fish and so on can be added to the tomato salad - in fact, this product represents a huge scope for imagination thanks to its good compatibility with almost any product.

Sample salad with chicken fillet: boiled chicken fillet, tomatoes, garlic, cheese, greens. This salad is dressed with mayonnaise. But it is not recommended for those who are interested in maintaining the figure and watching their weight - the salad is sufficiently calories. But tasty!

More gentle for the figure, but also very tasty option includes the following ingredients: boiled chicken fillet, champignons, tomatoes, crackers, olives, finely chopped walnuts, lemon juice (if desired). This salad is filled with vegetable oil.

Eat a wonderful vegetable tomato in all variants, it will only benefit. Enjoy your meal!

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