How fun and unusual to spend time? Theme Party Ideas

Traveling party

Are your friends very cheerful, energetic and they like to share their positive mood with others? It is strange if you have not organized such a party. Its meaning is that you do not have to choose a place to hold it, but it will be necessary to outline a route.

Gather your friends and arrange a procession through the city, at your favorite places, parks, squares and other places of public gatherings. Gather in some place, dress smartly, take with yourself crackers, balls, sparklers, flowers.

Let your company be bright and festive, you can even take a tape recorder or player with small speakers, put on roller skates. Moving from one place to rest (where you can relax, chat, have a little drink) to another, give passers-by to balloons and flowers, smile, share your fun.

A definite plus is that you not only take a walk to all the favorite places of the city, but also, having been in the role of good wizards, will cheer up many people!

Crazy stalkers

Stalkers are called people who are well-oriented in places that are forbidden or little-known to most: dungeons, abandoned areas, buildings, factories. And also people who like to photograph the brutal beauty of these objects.

For a party, you just need such an eerie place, as well as cameras and other essential attributes: simple snacks, drinks, music. The result is a slightly creepy party with elements of photo art. Just imagine what the old abandoned building can tell! About the people who have been here and lived, about the history of the building itself ...

The photos of stalkers strangely touch the soul, make them peer into the shabby outlines of the rooms and the rickety staircases, boxes that were once forbidden with books by someone ... a small exhibition for friends.


Like everything beautiful, bright, impressive? Then arrange a fire-show party! Ride on nature - take everything you need for kebabs, drinks, bedding ... Choose a clearing where there are no trees nearby, and at nightfall start a disco with a crazy fire show.

Everything is used - at least make a big fire, and everyone should have Bengal lights. Pick up several types of multi-colored rockets and fireworks, draw up a program in which order to launch them. And prepare a pair of five-liter water bottles - just in case. It is good if your company has piers - these are people who play poi to the music, balls of fire on the ropes. In the dark it seems that they are dancing in the air, describing glowing circles and spirals.

When you dance at night in the forest, and around you multicolored splashes scatter every now and then, fireworks bang on, fireballs masterfully, driven by the skillful hands of poers, this is unforgettable spectacular, incendiary and magical!

Show the Cannes Lions

Advertising is a kind of commerce based art. And some advertising is full of deep meaning or humor, and such advertising falls on the Cannes Lions festival, where both visuals, humor, and its ability to attract attention to the product are evaluated. Laugh at advertising, conduct a parody party "Russian Seals".

Let everyone take a cool commercial in advance, but if there is no video camera, then let it be just an advertising billboard. And arrange a prize where everyone is a jury. Stock up on popcorn, cola and start laughing at each other. To make it even more fun and interesting, dress up in advertising characters (using improvised means you can create even the most incredible costume) - Mr. Muscle, M & M's buddies and other ridiculous creatures will add atmospheric, humor and cool photos to albums.

Touch of time

Some people like the 50s with the still fresh sound of Bill Haley and Elvis Presley, someone is delighted with the incendiary rock-and-roll rhythms of the 60s, and someone baldet from the disco style that has painted 70-80s . So let the heroes of different times and musical epochs gather at your party on the same dance floor! Fireworks of various music and costumes - it will be fun!

Let each party participant bring with him something that carries the spirit of the times - a sheet with food stamps, an old faded “The Beatles” card, badges, bandanas, a pack of “Novost” cigarettes from the time of their parents' youth ... on a long table and arrange the exhibition "Life in the twentieth century."

Multimedia feast

In the era of the Internet and advanced technology has the right to the existence of an Internet party. To do this you will need: friends, beer, chips, chairs and chairs, a positive mood. The point is that before the party, each of its participants looks for links to funny photo fun, interesting blogs, tests, funny videos, music on the Internet - everything that will be pleasant and would be interesting and fun to watch with friends.

Connect the largest monitor that exists. And in turn, browse the links, laugh together, take tests, discover new sites, communicate. To the music you can dance. This option is great for fans of Internet space and will give the opportunity to share their interests with friends, and just have fun and have a good time.

Cinema Hall

For fine connoisseurs of cinema, a film festival party is perfect. To organize such an event, you need to choose with your friends in advance some of the most favorite films. And watch them together, one after another, taking breaks for half an hour - an hour, as this is an opportunity not only to preserve the impression of what you see, but also to discuss topics that are raised in a particular film.

Agree on the criteria for evaluating films so that it is easier to determine the winner. Everyone should put a certain amount of points during the viewing for each criterion. You can also combine the "film festival" with the preparation of light alcoholic cocktails. And don't forget the traditional huge glass of popcorn!

Freak parade

Well, bold and creative people just have to arrange a freak-party. Freaks are very exalted people who try to look as shocking as possible. They use fantastic costumes, piercings, and scarification, extremely unusual hairstyles, body art ...

Let your fantasy go free and create a truly extravagant costume, paint with tattoo pens, paint your hair with different colors, color your face, paint your face, sew a bright unusual costume - in general, everything that comes to mind.

Each freak should have its own character and show it in a special way at a party, because it’s not just you in a costume, it’s an image that was born in your mind, a part of you, sitting quietly until now, set in a corner by strict society. As a finishing touch, go for a walk around the city, let them look at you, take pictures, show with a finger. Epatage is encouraging!

As you can see, there is always a party for a person with fantasy and a sense of humor. Arrange for your friends an event about which they will talk for a long time later!

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