Who is a bad American? Reflections out loud.

I believe that the money I earn belongs to me and my family, and not to some kind of middle-level official, regardless of whether it is a Democrat or a Republican! I am in harmony with my feelings and I love this state! I think that having a weapon doesn’t make you a murderer, it makes you a normal American.

I think, as a minority representative, you do not become more noble or persecuted, and should not receive any additional rights. I believe that if you sell me a burger, do it in English. I believe everyone has the right to turn to his or her God whenever and wherever they want.

My heroes are John Wayne, Baby Rath, Roy Rogers, and those who don’t recognize Jerry Springer. I do not hate the rich. I do not regret the poor. I never had a slave and was not a slave, however, you too! So it's time to close this topic once and for all. I believe that if you don’t like the way America works, go back to where you came from and change your own country! This is AMERICA.

I want to know in which church Rev. Jesse Jackson exactly preaches, from whom he receives money and why he is always part of the problem, not its solution.

I think the police have the right to shoot at your ass if you run from them. I also think that they have the right to stop you if you break the law, no matter what color you are. And, of course, I do not mind showing my face on my driver's license. I think it is - well ... and I am proud that the word "God" is written on my money. I think that if you do not understand what is written on the ballot, I would not want you to decide who should rule the most powerful nation in the world for the next four years.

I do not like people standing at intersections, trying to sell me something or make me feel guilty and make a donation. I believe that a village is not required to raise a child; two parents are required. And what happens to oil prices ... again? I think “illegal” means illegal, regardless of what the lawyers think. I believe that the American flag should be the only one permitted in AMERICA! If that makes me a BAD American, then yes, I am a BAD American. If you are a BAD American too, please send it to anyone you know. We want our country back! "

I quoted this statement of George Carlin completely and literally in an anonymous Russian translation (it could be better). Perhaps readers who use American sites in English have already read this passionate and honest article in their own way. She can not sit down in memory. On a glow, it can be compared, perhaps, only with Martin Luther King’s immortal speech: “I have a Dream ...” This is what the games of democracy and political correctness led to. This is how every white native “bad” American patriot thinks today. You no longer need to explain about whom his words. About immigrants, non-Christians, liberals, non-whites, atheists and a government for which he will not vote if gasoline goes up. He will start shooting.

Such as George, with shepherd dogs, patrol along El Paso (border with Mexico), armed to the teeth, and persecute pregnant Mexican dogs. But indeed, much of what he proclaims is completely fair: the Hasid at the airport saw the Christmas tree and “Merry Christmas!”, And condemned the airport for the lack of the “Happy Hanukkah!” Poster. An Arab woman refused to remove the blanket from her face for photographing on a driver's license - the only main document of an American! And this is after 9 11! Blacks demanded monetary compensation from the government for the slavery of their forefathers. Simpson - double killer - justified only by skin color! 5 Native American states conceived from the United States!

In Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities of Russia, entire neighborhoods of people from other countries and cultures already exist. Talk about it. Do you like this? Or do Russians also want their country back?

As we all nodded for a long time, that in a truly democratic society all cultures and religions get along happily and peacefully, as we were proud of our American liberalism! They set themselves up as examples. We do not have a massacre or Chechnya. But here he is - George Carlin. He wants his country back. As Muscovites from Caucasians their markets. How Ukraine to get rid of Russian. And vice versa. (Kondopoga is a recent example). Like the words Chechen, did Georgians become curses from a Russian fed on Tolstoy and Dostoevsky? Haji Murata not reread?

The Indians were cut, the corpses in the closet of every white immigrant were forgotten, the aborigines who had taken on pilgrims, who had not cut them out of a sense of cave humanity (people, even freaks and drunkards!) Were forgotten. America White swells with anger for the values ​​of the founding fathers - freedom and a new order. Russia swells with anger towards foreigners. He wants the country back.

One half of my soul with this anger. I also want "it" not to vote if it cannot read the newsletter, and my burger - I want it to be sold in English. But the other half asks me: how many pilgrims learned the language of the Cherokee tribe, the Apaches, when they landed with Mei Flower? What language did they buy food from an Indian? Every fifth in the world is Chinese. Isn’t it about time for us? Language start learning?

Until we get up on all fours and discard an unnecessary tail, until we learn to understand that the ball is one and the Lord created it for everyone equally. And each born by a woman is equal to another born by a woman.

And that my blond child is equal to African pitch or Asian yellowish. And that patriotism is good, until he points his finger at the alien. And that “hit the Jews!” - not from patriotism, but from inferiority. And the Georgians are all the more brother to me, because I did not see Pirosmani better, and he will shed tears from Pushkin. And because my granddaughter is sitting in a sandbox with a Sudanese son, and she does not have the best boyfriend to date. And they will fight because of the toys in the same way as the children in the St. Petersburg dusty courtyard. That one - to cry in Sudanese knees, this one - in my frail St. Petersburg. And in a minute - love-carrot and not spill-water! Yeah, I want the country back! No, let it be. And that everyone has the right to live on a single planet Earth where he wants and when he wants.

Another thing is, you, the reader, will come to Yemen, China, Bolivia - respect the new place - learn the language and do not demand the right to remain in the veil, taking pictures on the document. Or Hanukkah-Ramadan for their Christmas. Otherwise, everyone will want their country back. And the name of this is civil war. For today we are stirred by the Lord in a bowl evenly, like a cake in Olivier, and where is El Paso today? Borders remained only in ourselves, while border posts remained only on maps. I talk about internal customs, about our tolerance and immigration courtesy.

God made us. He looked, looked and was horrified, turned away. Let's now figure it out. Hem does not close, it is necessary to decide. What do you, the reader, prevents to love a Nigerian, a Pole, an Afghan, a Turk, a Norwegian? What do you have against?

Do you like "bad" American? I have not yet. It’s still necessary to brutalize, but Hadji Murat does not.

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