How did Arnick save the city from smog? Fairy tale

One morning, Arnick, looking out of the window, thought: “What is happening? Mid-April, and the birds are not heard, the trees are not turning green ... A strange fog constantly hangs over the city, the sun's rays cannot penetrate through it and warm the earth. The wind disappeared somewhere ... "

- That's who can help the city! - the boy exclaimed and, having run out into the yard, shouted: - Wind! Wind-rr, where are you? Show up Accelerate the fog!

Soon the branches of the trees startled, and the voice of the flying Wind was heard:

- I fly-fly-y, I hurry-y!

In a matter of minutes, he drove away a gray alien. The sun's rays reached the Earth, awakening Spring from a prolonged hibernation.

The wind gently patted the boy over his disheveled hair and said:

- Well done, that called me. You can not sit back when trouble comes. Now listen, I'll tell you what.

Arnick quickly climbed on his favorite tree, closer to the sky, and said:

- Thank you for responding. Tell me, I will listen carefully.

And this is the story the Wind told him ...

Three friends lived in a small town: the musician Andre, the artist David and the storyteller Hans.

Fortune rarely sent such masters as Andre to people. The violin in his hands worked wonders: owning all the sounds of the universe, she told about the distant and wonderful worlds, about the beautiful and unique life on Earth. Who wanted to hear - heard and admired. But these became less and less.

David was endowed with the ability to recall and depict on canvas the pristine beauty of the planet. But at the exhibitions of his work did not enjoy success. The inhabitants of the city, fed up with life, searched for new impressions and excelled in the invention of new entertainment.

The musician and the artist were young, full of energy and faith in a miracle that will stir the hearts of people, and they will again enjoy the melodies and colors of nature.

The storyteller Hans lived a long life, visited many countries of the world, collected myths, legends and legends of all nations. He foresaw that imminent disaster was approaching people.

On Sunday evenings, friends often gathered at the storyteller. Andre performed his new works, David showed pictures, and Hans told one of his many fairy tales.

One spring day, the musician and the artist struggled to get to the house of Hans, who was on the outskirts of the city - a thick fog clouded everything around.

- Smog flooded the city, the sounds of my violin can not break through the heavy air hanging over us, - Andre said sadly.

- Yes, - confirmed David, - this evil thing began to penetrate the dwellings of people, they are suffocating. The more he eats, the more his appetite becomes. And enough food. Recently opened a factory, the pipes of which so smoke that all living things fall dead. Smog eats this smoke. And yesterday, a terrible thing happened: the sinister turned into a real monster. It began to kidnap people and animals.

After listening to friends, the storyteller said:

- My worst assumptions come true. This monster will soon take over the whole Earth.

A few days later, an agitated artist came running to Hans and said:

- Andre went to the forest to listen to the chimes of snowdrops and never returned. I go looking for him.

Two days have passed. Friends did not appear. The storyteller went into the garden. A thick gray veil swallowed the old man. To the touch he made his way to the chestnut and touched its branches.

“Trouble came. The end of spring, and even the buds did not open on the tree, ”- with such thoughts he returned to the house, took a cane, a lantern and headed for the forest.

Coming out of the city, the storyteller sat down on a fallen tree to rest. Suddenly, a weak whiff of Wind touched his cheeks, and the old man heard a low, deaf voice:

- Where are you going? Your friends can no longer be saved. Smog took them. This terrible monster kidnapped and Spring. Life on Earth perishes.

The storyteller pondered, then got up and spoke:

- Listen, Wind. You are powerful. Remember your past deeds: with one gust we twisted trees with roots, raised storms on the seas. Only you can help the planet get rid of the monster.

“I, like you, are already old and feeble,” answered Wind and headed for the forest.

- Wait, do not rush, - said Hans, - sit with me, let's think.

In the silence passed more than one hour. Finally, the Wind said:

- Hope only on my father - Universal Wind. Not once have I asked him for help since he sent me to Earth.

The storyteller confirmed:

- You're right. This is our only hope. How to tell him about our trouble?

- I have to rise high in the sky, then I can shout to the Wind-Father. But how to break through the dense body of the monster?

Hans replied:

- I will call all the birds of the earth - they will help.

The storyteller rose, and so much in him was the desire to do good for people, that an unprecedented power appeared in the hands and voice. He pushed the heavy air around him and shouted at the top of his voice:

- Birds, big and small, fly to me!

After some time, the birds flew visibly-invisible: sparrows and titmouses, forty and crows, high-mountain eagles and falcons. And Hans stands among them, like a fairy magician, shows in the sky with his hands and sentences something.

Suddenly the birds startled, flapped their wings, and one after another began to take off. First small, behind them - those that are bigger. The fog slightly parted, a strip of clear sky appeared. On it, falcons and eagles soared upwards, cutting the air with powerful flapping wings.

The Wind rushed after them. He climbed high up in the sky and shouted:

- Batyushka-Wind! Help people! Take the monster!

In response, a loud voice sounded:

- I hear you, my son. I hurry to the Earth. Only once I have the right to help people.

A few moments later, a terrible hurricane arose. For a long time he rushed over the Earth, until he found the monster Smog. He grabbed it, rushed off into the expanses of the universe and scattered it there into invisible particles.

And the rays of the Sun rushed to Earth, awakening life on the planet. The trees turned green, the grass rustled, the flowers opened, the birds and beasts came alive, and people began to think about their share.

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