Why is it worth taking a private guide while traveling abroad?

What are the benefits of using a private guide?

Time saving

Few people thought that when traveling abroad the main deficit is time, and not money. After all, as usual? People for months "plow" at work to earn honestly on rest, which can then be remembered for a long time. And here they come for 5−10 days to some wonderful place. Of course, I want to be in time for everything: and see the sights, in order to touch the eternal, and lie on the beach (if there is a warm sea), take a ride on jeeps (if there is a desert nearby), and try local cuisine in the restaurant (preferably, not overpaying) for them), and souvenirs to buy, and just stroll on a gentle evening through an unfamiliar city. So the poor tourists burst, trying to grasp the immense and rushing from one extreme to the other.

And now let's think about what an organized tour is like. Although it is called organized, 40% of the time in such a group is spent not on the excursion itself, but on logistics. It is necessary to collect tourists from different, often quite remote hotels. At each stop, time is spent on getting in and out of the bus, on the queue in the toilet and in the souvenir shop, waiting for the stragglers and searching for the lost ... When traveling with a guide, the time seems to be compacted by these 40%. For example, if during a group tour of Jerusalem 4-6 large stops are made, then with a private guide the number of such stops is tripled if not quadrupled.

An organized excursion, like a clumsy caterpillar, crawls from place to place, barely making its way through the crowded streets of the old city. A private excursion by a tinkling bee briskly darts between the benches, deftly crushes groups of pilgrims, flies into the side alleys, where exactly the most interesting is located. A large group not in every place can stop. After all, it is necessary that everyone could hear the explanation of the guide. A small group of several people can easily stay almost everywhere.

For example, Jerusalem is an eastern city, infinite in its diversity. For 2-3 days to explore the most interesting places - the task for a large group is simply unattainable.

You can think up to forty different thematic routes around Jerusalem for all ages and tastes. An organized tour, no matter how hard you try, cannot take more than one route per day. A small group with a private guide will easily pass three or four. And this is not counting the stories on the go, which are simply impossible in the case of a large group.

Case of life. A family of three came to Israel for two nights - on a family holiday. Accordingly, they had only one full day to see Jerusalem. What can be done in one day? They walked along the walls of the Old City with a private guide, climbed onto the rooftops, climbed the Temple Mount ... They also managed to talk about the difficulties of coexistence of three religions in one place, walked along the Sorrowful Way, completely walked around the Holy Sepulcher and climbed Mount Zion. And there is still time left for an Arabic restaurant, for trade with a seller in the oriental bazaar and for fragrant coffee in a lovely cafe on Jaffa Street outside the walls of the Old City. In one tour almost four!

So, a private tour saves you time. You can make your visit more intense and memorable.

Saving money

Oddly enough, a private tour can be even cheaper than an organized one.

An example from life, as a private guide conducted a day trip with one charming couple.

A couple of tourists really wanted to go on the Christian Galilee, but this trip did not fit in their schedule, and the price, including transport, was great for them. And the next day they planned to go to friends in the city of Haifa, in northern Israel. The solution was found instantly: we left for Haifa, we met their friends there and together we set off to travel across the north, with the final stop in Haifa. Their friends gladly joined the journey. When they divided the cost of the excursion into eight, it turned out that this excursion turned out to be much cheaper than an organized tour.

Private tours allow you to visit and see more places and with proper planning will save you money.

Nerve saving

In order to maximize revenue, travel companies try to fill a full bus. After all, for the bus, guide, driver and gasoline has already been paid, so every empty seat in the bus is estimated as unprofitable. The result is a very motley company with radically different interests.

One is interested in holy places - these tourists always complain that they are not given enough time to visit the shrines. They want to be alone with God, to feel holiness and to touch it. And this, of course, is impossible in the pace of the cavalry march of an organized excursion.

Others, on the contrary, being secular people, do not want to stand in line at the Tomb of Jesus, they are interested in historical artifacts and anecdotes. The third wants to plunge into the oriental flavor - wander through the market, filled with gum, aroma of coffee and spices. Fourth want to feel the heartbeat of the modern city.

It is clear that it is impossible to please everyone. Again, not all pilgrims are interested in historical research, going against their faith. Therefore, organized tours are forced to be quite general and superficial. At the same time, a private guide, asking only a couple of questions, is able to plan a unique excursion built specifically for your requests.

Guide selection

Driving regular excursions is the routine work of most guides. But there are guides who are quite enough to work on regular routes with organized excursions - this is more profitable, less headache and work, everything is repetitive, plus or minus, and there is no need to re-create and invent new routes while reading and studying the material. Others seek to diversify their work, they remember that the guide is not only an artisan, but also an artist and actor. Such guides try to approach the business creatively. They read the material, follow the latest research, create new routes or improve old ones.

What conductor would you choose - a “wiped record” or one with an inquisitive, lively mind, asking questions and conducting a dialogue?

Finally, a private guide may also be a good consultant. Give advice on how best to plan a vacation and which places, for example, visit yourself, help with the selection and booking of the hotel or check the rates for car rental.

It should be understood that traveling abroad is, above all, an adventure, and although modern technologies and communications have made it as safe and predictable as possible, no one can predict the weather or the whim of a monk who decides to close the church ahead of time just before your nose.

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