Lost illusions, or are we all here comrades?

Here is how it was. We somehow got with the younger one, who was then not even two years old, in the infectious disease. And here I am sitting in my separate box, shaking it and wailing everything: “Well this is how it was necessary to plunge! Why, why, oh my God! ... "- and further in the same spirit.

Then my gaze falls through the glass onto the mixed chamber opposite, from where, as from a casket, one after another wearily crawl out several impressed adults and children, immediately flooding the whole corridor with themselves and with their ailments. Looking at this, my inner voice, interrupting the dramatic stream of consciousness, grew stronger, gained strength and sounded in full force with the usual optimistic reproach: "Do not anger God! You're still good! There is someone really bad! 8 people in the stuffiness! With the children carrying right on the spot ... Aliens and aunts ... together, in the same room, use the same toilet. No change, no rest ... Around the clock together ... That's where the nightmare and horror! And you just have a mansion ... Buckingham Palace, so to speak! ... And why are you still unhappy?»

I felt ashamed. Heart overflowed with compassion for those who are worse. And who does not whine at the same time, but heroically steadfastly (it can be seen by all) demolishes all life adversities. Half an hour later I needed to leave the post. I look, the girl with three cups is standing there near the teapot ... Immediately having decided that she is one of them, heroes, I am sympathetic, as if apologizing for my separate well-being, I look guilty into her eyes: “It's a man with a baby in your room, right? I can not imagine how you cope there!»

She sighs disappointedly in response: "Unfortunately, dad is not with us! He is in the next room! That's who lucky! ... And we have a solid bachelorette party, mortal boredom!"I baffled asking:"That is, you would like a stranger to be in the women's ward, huh?"She, marveling at my insanity, instructively remarked:"Yes, it would not hurt! With father-well done something fun after all! And on the amendment all would go faster! The neighbors are lucky as they are: one dad entertained them for two days, today they were discharged, so the second was immediately hooked to them! And for us - everything is not as no!»

I sincerely say: "Well, I do not know ... For me, both are worse! This is a horror with a stranger man in the same room to live!"She looks at me reproachfully:"What a horror ?! No horror! ... This is life ... What and who is embarrassed here ?! There, my daughter, is also such as you. So she is 6 years old ... She lay under a drip, suddenly says: “Mom, take me to the toilet with a dropper! Here is a boy. I can't sit on a pot with him and crap! “So I quickly got her brains right ... As it was done, I sat down, preached, got up, forgot, lay down ... Business! Why be shy ?! The boy has the same diarrhea. Here are all such».

Seeing my genuine interest in such an original train of thought, she almost continued with a challenge in a loud voice, clearly calling random viewers to witness that she was right: “And about other men, I’ll say this: these same men come to their gynecology to their kind, but to others, as you say, women. They start caring for them, strangers ... And so - on you, they wash and wash the clothes twice, you see, and they are already relatives. And how do you think their love for us is born ?! This is the only way! But there is no other way! And no, and there would not be this love itself!»

I came to my boxing stunned, for the second time in half an hour ... And I think: "The inner voice was wrong again!After all, this is how, in fact, the idea of ​​equality and universal fraternity conquers the minds of people, sweeping away all gender differences in its path and erasing gender settings in the bud, preventing them from germinating and producing their remarkable fruits over time. That's exactly how everyone is doomed to an eternal partnership even in love, having lost his masculine and feminine principle on the way. Alas us!

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