How your favorite films fade, or Hippolyt's Rehabilitation

How is this possible, you ask. The film was recorded in 1975, and remains a favorite New Year's film, along with the ancient "Carnival Night", chaotic "Enchanters" and the fairy tale "The Twelve Months". How can he change?

And here it can.
Earlier - when “Irony ...” just came out (and there are trilobites here, let's not poke a finger, who remember how it came out for the first time) - everything was clear. Cute impractical Eugene, tremulous fallow deer Nadia, imposing, but tedious Hippolyte and predatory Galechka. Intelligent "world mom". Everything was in its place: a jealous middle-aged Hippolyte, rich, well-made and correct - but unsympathetic, because too correct. Gusty Nadia is not his pair, or he’s not her pair, because she has a soul, but she clings to him like the last chance. Predatory Galechka is also not a nice pair of broken-hearted wife, although her rapacity is scribbled with just a few strokes (and my mother will leave, she says confidently, and the Katanyans will manage). But Zhenya has already been caught: “You will not run away from you,” he says to her in the most lyrical moment (no fig for yourself, compliment, eh?).

That's how we got used to, brought up in the traditions of social realism. And in literature and cinema of socialist realism there was an iron rule: if the character is “correct”, if he is well-dressed, God forbid with a tie, he is not late, and he also arrives in his car - something is certainly wrong with him. He will certainly be an egoist, a self-lover, a careerist, and even a traitor (horror, horror) of his homeland. Worst of all, if the alleged bad person knows how to behave, wears a hat and even (top of the fall) a tie. A truly positive hero must always be dispersed, uncollected, unrestrained, dressed somehow (because on the occasion of huge spiritual baggage he has no time to think about such nonsense). It may even be boorish - this is called "naturalness." The same and even brighter - refers to the characters of the female sex: if a girl thinks about her career, about her appearance, about the device of the apartment and knows where it is, how much - wait for a trick. The real spiritually rich the girl does not think about it, she outlines the classics (you can Akhmadulin).

This is exactly the case. Spectators of the 70s and even the 80s, brought up on the metalanguage of the previous decades, immediately understood that a well-dressed Hippolyte with a velvety voice and exaggeratedly secular manners would definitely prove to be something not good. He even has a name - Hippolytus - unobtrusively drags an association with the "leader of the nobility" and something so alien to the class. And when he really breaks off when he sees a peasant in the apartment without pants, we happily nodded our heads: well, see? So he opened up, so you and korkotogo coat, hat with brim and "Lada" - and it renders itself! Poor Nadia, almost fell into a trap, the audience sighed, it’s good that she did get caught so good, such a correct romantic Eugene, in a sweater and wrinkled trousers, with a guitar, so charming. All is well, they have found each other and now they will get married and will continue to sing along with the guitar for the rest of their lives. To the joy of the world mom. Isn't it wonderful?

And what?
This is how you live, live, go to work, and suddenly the bang is the second shift! - as said the dolt, too, from the popularly beloved masterpiece of social realism - the film “Big Change”. In the sense - the shift has grown, the young growth has emerged, which has already been formed without the beneficial effects of social realism, and absolutely no “class sense”. And it turned out that among young people, it’s not even Zhenya Lukashin who is considered a “positive hero” in his crumpled trousers and jacket for the top ten “from Mostorg”, but absolutely even Ippolit Georgievich. Together with a gabardine coat and expensive perfume for Nadi (I suspect that he himself does not use "Chyprom"). And the charming Zhenya (Myagkov, of course, the genius of charm, where to go) - it turns out, just a loser!

Here, here you are, come. How so? Where did the pathos of the noble impracticality go? Canceled! Already you can think about the earth, walk in an expensive coat and not be at the same time a scoundrel? And then it turned out that Hippolyte cannot be blamed for any more.
Well, of course! - Elderly lovers of Spirituality will exclaim. - He so ugly shouted, he suspected Nadia God knows what! Yes, I must admit that he lost a little face.

And you remember how it was. He arrives, smiles in the elevator, based on a romantic evening, a marriage proposal and maybe even a romantic night (and before that, by the way, he hadn’t slept with Nadia, remember how she drives him away when she changes clothes). But he finds himself in an apartment, an undressed man. Alone with Nadenka.
And Nadya, by the way, behaves, frankly, unnaturally. Just think for it, dear readers, you come home, and there - a stranger, and even drunk, and you - a weak woman. I don’t know how anyone, but I would just jump out of the apartment and close it outside (as Nadina’s mother did later), and when Hippolytus appeared, I would rush to him with the words: guard, there’s some type! Hippolytus would have straightened his shoulders, without unnecessary talk, would have thrown Zhenya out of the ladder (along with a valuable broom), and everything would have gone his own way. And Nadya first spreads Hippolite turus on wheels, and then repeats three times: “there is a man"," I enter, and there the man».

Nadia, by the way, is not a saleswoman (man, tell me not to take over you!) and a teacher of literature. She should have a richer vocabulary! Why does she persistently call the alien "man"? Is there no other words? It would be logical to certify him as a gangster, a robber, a drunkard, just “some hooligan”, finally. Hippolytus, perhaps, deliberately does not understand this, but when he repeats “a man, my bride has a man in bed”, he blows the roof off. Because he is not so sure of himself. And in Nadya. In the heat of the scandal, his real opinion about her breaks out: disorderly. “He would hardly have gotten to me!” He says, and this is true: the key would not fit. Because neither Zhenya, nor Nadia simply did not change the locks installed in the apartment by the builders, so the key came up. And Hippolytus would change. Yes, and furniture set he probably more abruptly. Even a drunken Eugene would have noticed the difference and sobered up.

So the only argument against Hippolyt - his non-polite behavior - is fully explained. For the rest, he is a perfectly normal decent person, and at the end of the film, when he leaves wet, he is generally miserable to tears. And - in the end - all his assumptions, for which we are so angry with him, about the infidelity of Nadi, they do turn out to be true! He was just ahead of the event - “misguided.” He was smarter than them all, and he understood everything before everyone else.

In general, Hippolytus is a worthy successor of the glorious pleiad of deceived and slandered men FOR IT, such as: Karenin and Soames Forsyth. They generally have a lot in common: success, solidity, inability and unwillingness to demonstrate feelings for show. And this is understood by the generation of the audience, which has grown without stamps like "once in a suit, it means a reptile."
And it also (the generation) understands that songs under the guitar are very cool, but you have to live somehow. But Nadya and Zhenya do not know anything: Zhenya works at two rates in the district clinic, Nadya is a teacher, which means there is no money and there will not be. Separate housing, too, will have to live with my mother in two rooms on 36 arshins. She hates cooking, dresses horribly. Personal life is not arranged: clutches at Hippolytus, which she does not like at all and cannot like. Yes, it is still unknown what kind of teacher she is - it has already been said about a man, and she, by the way, says “I forgot to dress the festive dress”, and for the St. Petersburg teacher of the Russian language, do not know the rule.dress up Nadezhda - wear clothes"This is simply unacceptable.
Zhenya, too, is a dolt, up to 35 years old she lives with her mom in the position of her son, and he will never get anywhere from the “world mom”. And he also has a merry company, with which it is so fun to go to the bathhouse. What is his husband and family support? So, under the guitar to sing. So their future is rather doubtful.

It was already heard about several continuations of “Irony ...” - in the first variant Zhenya and Nadia dispersed, but Galechka nursed a cold Hippolytus and they had a strong family (I believe that!), And now they write about the second variant, which supposedly removed - there Zhenya and Nadia do not marry at all, but Hippolyte and Galechka again yes (everyone agrees here). And it seems that Zhenya’s son again, by mistake, ends up in St. Petersburg in the apartment of Nadya’s daughter. Heredity.

But all these sequels - in my opinion, in general is complete nonsense, and it’s not worth talking, not just to look ... absolutely not worth it, right - I ask you not to discuss separately in the comments. I'm not talking about that. I mean that free from stampsincluding cinematographic.
And that is good when young people grow up without such poor attitudes and judge everything realistically and soberly. This is the main idea of ​​the note.

But in general - a pleasant nostalgic viewing. Although the film has pretty much “faded” in 30 years, but still we’re watching, and we’ll watch. Habit-with ...


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