Snakes and cats: how did the cat Sonya try to make friends with the snake?

Once I left the house and saw a huge snake near the eucalyptus, which with its light color was almost invisible among the stones. I quickly drove behind the camera and, as it turned out, on time. Snake slowly headed for the house. Suddenly it seemed because of the stones in all its glory! The first impulse was to run away, but curiosity got the better of what would happen next. Upon closer inspection, the snake was very pretty, with a beautiful pattern of a flexible body. And I decided to observe and photograph to the end ...

Snake busily went to the house, not at all embarrassed by my presence. Naturally, I followed her ... at some distance. The beauty crawled along the wall and turned the corner. I barely kept up with her. Without stopping, the snake crawled forward. I wonder what she was thinking about when she approached human housing? The snake moved quickly, I would say, gracefully, like an experienced ballerina on stage.

The snake is already on the porch, you can see how long it is. The animal probably wanted to “come visit us”, but we did not invite her, so she continued on her way. Passing the porch, the snake turned the corner and crawled into the gap under the house. She spent several days there.

At this time, we cautiously passed by this place. But then one morning I noticed our stranger on cement near the house. I eagerly called my husband, and he adequately helped her to go to her native habitat, without prejudice to her health.

We have two purrs living at home: a black Dachshund cat with a white shirt and white paws, and beauty Sonya is a three-colored kitty with very aristocratic manners. Once during a short walk the cats had to meet with such a snake, only smaller in size. Since then, cats have long remained in the house without walking.

One time I had the imprudence to take Sonya out to the street so that she breathed fresh air and warmed herself in the sun. She turned out to be a very quick-witted person and began to demand that walks take place daily. It was necessary especially for her walks to fence the area with an iron grid, where she went under my supervision every morning.

One morning I carried it out into the street, put it in a pen, and I myself began to practice charging, looking at my pussy. At first, Sonya played with the ants, but they quickly tired of her. Then she nibbled grass, hunted for a lizard, but it turned out to be much more agile. Then the cat hid behind a log under a tree and subsided.

I finished my exercises and decided that it was time to call the gulen home. She knows her name well and usually responds quickly. I called her several times - zero attention. I had to open the door and go look.

I discovered that Sonya was again busy hunting, but for whom - this time I did not see. Just in case, I took a big stick, hit the grid to divert the cat's attention from the object of the hunt, but this had no effect. I hit the grid harder. Suddenly, a huge black snake about a meter and a half appeared from under the tree ... I bounced off vividly, and Sonya enthusiastically watched a living "toy", deciding that it was a piece of wire with which our cats love to play. Probably, according to Sony, this black wiring looked much prettier than a regular cord.

The snake, meanwhile, continued to squirm and peel at the net with its tail, expressing its displeasure because it was disturbed. Such a huge serpentine could quietly have breakfast for little Sonya. It was necessary to urgently save a pet. Gathering all my courage into a fist, I jumped to the cat, grabbed her by the nape and ran away from the dangerous neighbor.

Arriving home and having calmed down a bit, she sat down at the computer to find information about this snake. It turned out that this is a black Mexican royal snake, belonging to the species Lampropeltis getula niger. Its length reaches one and a half meters. Sonia and I met a large copy. Body color - black. Sometimes on the main tone there are several small yellow spots on the lateral and dorsal scales. There are no cross strips. I didn’t see these details with fear. The royal snake feeds on mice, rats and rabbits. Leads nocturnal, prefers dry shaded places for their habitat.

When I told my husband about our adventure with a snake, he calmly replied: "Yes, these snakes have a permanent dwelling under the tree." Many years ago he saw snakes there, and several times and in different years.

For myself, I decided that Sonya’s walks are over, because the circle is full of other snakes, scorpions, poisonous toads and other living creatures that our sociable pussy wants to play with. God saves man, who save himself.

But I was wrong. Over time, the cats won their right to walk as much as they need and without any supervision. They learned to distinguish dangerous from safe animals, and some began to hunt with great success.

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