Marital etiquette. What to do to life is not ruined the family? Part 1

Husband - around the head, wife - neck. The neck holds its head on its shoulders, where the neck turns - there and head. A wife should wisely guide her husband on the right path. A well-groomed neck does not attract, and an untidy wife cannot be charming.

How to stay beloved wife for life? Many will say, the average love lasts until the wedding or 1-3 years of marriage together, then - the habit. Do you have friends whom you adore, whom everyone adores? They are the soul of the company. How old are you familiar with them? Do you like them less? And why? And the spouse? Why?

"In the old years it happened - the husbands of wives beat,
but now he lives, that the husband's wife beats. "

Over the past century, civilized women's society has defined stages-boundaries, after which a woman ceases to take care of herself: with her aesthetics, speech, and behavior. Does life imprint? Considering the stages in life, after which women lose their attractiveness, it becomes clear that all this can be called "life goals": 1) marriage, 2) birth of children, 3) grandchildren 4) pension. Life goals become a reflection on the face of a woman. Why do such changes occur?

Life is uninteresting, boring, monotonous life. Creating a cell of society, family, the continuation of the human race - the natural stages through which each subject of society passes, under the pressure of harsh and temperamental life transformed into basic life goals. With the dominance in the life of these goals, self-improvement has faded into the background. The woman became an uninteresting interlocutor, a rather primitive creature.

What should a spouse have to keep so that a spouse does not stop seeing a woman in her?

“Actually, I would like to have a dog more than a wife!”
(m / f "Kid and Carlson")

1. Do not walk in a biker or a terry robe in a sheep, with clouds and other "children's" drawings;
2. Do not wear "grandmother's" underwear;
3. Do not frighten the spouse with “cucumber” masks;
4. Do not sleep in curlers;
5. Do not forget to rinse makeup from the eyes before taking a shower;
6. Do not scrape around the house in slippers (get beautiful sandals without heels or shoes made of cloth on a high platform);
7. Do not walk unkempt;
8. Do not sleep in a torn nightie;
9. Do not wear a “brick face” all day long if your discontent arose in the morning;
10. Do not reprimand him if he bought in a store not such a sausage, as you usually buy, or if he did not dress the child in such a way (turn off any desire to help and participate in family life for the future);
11. Do not rush to scold him and make a scandal. Think, comprehend the situation. After you calm down, talk to him wisely (this method is most effective and the arguing parties do not lead to alienation);
12. Not to mention his parents in a bad context and not to compare him with his parents or other men;
And 13. Absorb the stomach, keep your back straight, sit at the table nicely, do not run barefoot around the apartment with unclean nails and heels, do not “stick back and not scratch” (remark from the “Office Romance”), follow the expressions - verbal and face ;
And the last 14. Do not get up on weekends from bed until the husband wakes up (make breakfast in the evening, teach the children to have breakfast on their own, find a way out).

What should a spouse do so that a spouse does not stop seeing a woman in her?

"You will grow old from a bad wife,
from the good you will be young. "

1. Self-educate;
2. Cultivate;
3. To get involved in various activities (be it holding literary evenings in the library, sporting morning gymnastics in the street for girlfriends-neighbors, participation in exhibitions);
4. Constantly look for different hobbies for yourself (collect, sew, knit, draw ...);
5. Get decisive (for example, to remember and dare to use in sex all sexual pranks that were thrown out of my head). Or, for example, one day to cook dinner, pack it in bags and take the whole family to the forest park area for a soulful dinner; it’s impossible for the family to take out the husband;
6. To be restrained: to become a psychologist and approach the resolution of all problems, having calmed down;
7. Being feminine: internally and externally (when was the last time you walked, shaking your hips?).

Remember what all of us (and men too) were taught in school: if you don’t know the answer to the question, find the answer to it! In the encyclopedia, tutorial, on the Internet! There was a spouse scandal? Have you ever thought, on what basis did it originate? All scandals have a pattern: they arise either on a standard problem or on a standard scenario. A woman should, as a doctor, "cure" this scandal. Solving problems reasonably, without being affected by a raised voice, you become wiser and loved, surprisingly. Matrimonial love is ruined not so much by scandals and disputes as as they are allowed. It is easier to correct a spouse if you point out his dignity and not his disadvantage. By treating your spouse as if he is better than it really is, we will make him become better.

Every day a woman should learn to be and remain a woman. Every day it becomes more and more difficult, since more and more household chores, children's problems, new circumstances are piling on the fragile shoulders (no longer weak half of humanity). And all this she must decide fairly, not forgetting to remain feminine and woman, so that life does not ruin the family. This is the wisdom of family relationships.

"The husband's wife does not beat, but leads to her character."
"Husband - head, wife - soul."

Read about the role of men in families, their behavior and the effect of this on family relationships in the next article. The series of articles on “Marital etiquette” is recommended to be read together, since some behavior of women is inherent in men, and vice versa.

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