Christmas toys. What will remind us of childhood?

Lucky for those adults who have treasures for the Christmas tree are still stored in the "mother's box." They are shifted by hilly cotton wool, on the rings of balls - the threads of past years, but how delicious and exciting, decorating the Christmas tree with them, each year they come into contact with the memories and traditions of their family ...

They are already so fragile, these glass cones and ducks, colorful, “snow-covered” balls and elegant, twisted “icicles”, “snow huts” and thick Snow Maidens ... Carefully you get them, and with a touch to a rough or smooth glass they come to life children's sensations. Maybe you can hardly remember any real picture, but the mood, today's mood, starts to change ... You smile, you purr something cozy, and decorating the Christmas tree - as if you “dress” your memory with the light and light of childhood, love of your mother, fun with dad, gentle grunts grandparents. And even in these moments brothers-sisters seem quite nice to themselves ... Although for your favorite sweets from the sweet gifts brought from the holidays you sometimes had to quarrel with them almost seriously. "Well, take away!"

"Snowball" in the base or to cover the bucket, strong Snowman, and under the lower branches - a place for gifts of Santa Claus.

Today, of course, each of us puts there our adult gifts to each other, but blessed is the family with children of the age of faith that the most wonderful gifts are brought by a kind, cheerful, loud grandfather in a red coat! And probably, there is no such adult who would not smile at the joke: “This is for you, from Lapland!”

I love New Year's gift paper. As a child, my mother painted the usual wrappers with Christmas trees and balls, and even the smallest children carefully unwrapped their long-awaited gifts. The bows and silver ropes rolled into a ball are stored as a guarantee that Good wins the Evil, and the Holiday - everyday life, and that Love is abundant ...

Garlands and "rain". The lights and glitter of tinsel, New Year's tinsel, quite appropriate on the evergreen New Year's Tree of Life.

It's great when there is a tradition and opportunity to decorate a Christmas tree in the courtyard of an apartment building. Without fear that by morning it will be broken and smashed. Still, even ruffians and vandals have holy holidays, what do you think?

But if a “path of strangers” passes through your courtyard, then, perhaps, on the staircase or near the elevator door there is a fir-tree branch with which toy to attach? "Happy New Year, dear neighbors!"

Christmas Food. This is a special meal. Especially if in your childhood parents gathered guests to celebrate the New Year. Everyone brought a "fairing" to you, children - chocolate, tangerines, a gift under the Christmas tree. Yes, and our children - our childhood friends - brought with them. And the “children's table” was laid, with “children's champagne” - Pinocchio lemonade, which on New Year's Eve midnight froze in a glass quite an adult ... Yes, of course, I already wanted to sleep simply brutally, but after all, the Holiday!

And setting the New Year's table to our family and our children, we leave room for hot "mother's" potatoes, for herring with onions, for a jug of cranberry juice and for "grandmother's" sweet apple pies ... Yes, of course, we are all already modern, advanced what's hot for us is lobster under oranges, and for dessert profiteroles (kill me if I know what it is, but it sounds fascinating!), but without the “mom-grandmother's food” the table is not a table, I know for sure ...

If we are still talking about current times, then firecrackers and fireworks unite us, heated with a feast and inspired by the unchanging belief that “in the new year everything will be different!” Into the crowd - or into the crowd - childly rejoicing and congratulating everyone and all with the advent of the New Time. In which, truth or truth, finally it will be possible to change what is still possible to change, and it is impossible to reconcile with what can be changed - alas.

First of all, probably, to reconcile with the fact that, bringing excitement and anticipation of “good changes”, each new year “cuts off” a little more from the thread of our Life. Naturally reducing the path that we have left to go on the ground. On the land of their ancestors or in a foreign land ...

What have we had, and what we hardly have time to do?

And maybe this is a good turning point? So that from childish greedy fantasies and plans, what else can be achieved, to reach, to make-remake, now, dressing up my New Year tree from the "piggy bank" of my childhood-adolescence-youth-youth and, maybe, for someone and maturity, look back on yourself and your life?

It's so symbolic, the evergreen Tree of Our Life, which at the end of the year we “decorate” with our successes, victories, difficult thoughts, doubts, the memory of those who gave us life, gratitude for collaboration and other shades of relations with our relatives, the joy of our ability to give and support the lives of Others, relatives or very distant ones, our creativity and Others, which warmed or inspired us, thanks to Teachers and friends ... And we will probably hide our fears, anxieties, doubts, failures, and failures oh thick branches, so that they do not interfere with us in joy ... Absolutely too much alarm surpluses, illnesses and other "sins of grave" sweep beyond the threshold of your house, beyond the threshold of your soul, using the magic of the moment!

Only if completely grown-up, then you have to think about the fact that we are by and large - the authors of our lives. And one “magic New Year's broom” is hardly enough to get rid of pain and anxiety ...

But we will think about this later, after the Old New Year.

In the meantime - with the coming of you! Happiness, health and long life!

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