How is the character of the child?

By raising a baby in the first years of life should be treated as carefully as his feeding, instilling in him sensible habits and skills. If you do not bring them up at an early age, then in the future you will have to re-educate the child, and this is always much more difficult to do. Character is not given by nature - it develops when combining various properties that are formed under the influence of life and upbringing.

In the early stages of character development, the perception of a positive experience of behavior is of great importance. The teacher or parent should create a visual experience to follow by their behavior. If your child attends kindergarten, it should be borne in mind that the positive experience of his peers, especially the leaders, matters to him. The choice of children, which should be equal, can be determined by the public opinion of children and does not coincide with the assessment of the educator - this should not be forgotten, since the peculiarity of the psychology of children can lead to imitation of not only positive examples, but also negative. Parents should maintain constant communication with kindergarten teachers or nurseries.

Sometimes it seems to parents that while the child is small, everything is allowed to him, and they miss the time when sensible habits are inculcated. Watch the kids, and you will find in their behavior manifestations of the zoological primitive youngsters. For all their natural talent, they require special attention in acquiring skills: washing hands, walking in clean clothes, eating, sleeping and playing at a certain time.

At the same age, children should receive moral attitudes of their behavior: respectful and benevolent towards adults, learn the concept of discipline, learn to share with loved ones, patronize animals, and take care of them. At a younger age, a child must obey his parents implicitly, otherwise it will be difficult for you to cope with it later, and by six to eight years old he may completely lose his obedience.

It is very important to teach the child to play independently, to protect and love their toys. Tell your child what he can think up about plots for the game and how interesting it is to be the leader in it, giving orders to his soldiers, launching rockets, flying on airplanes and helicopters, including elephants, bears, hares ...

Do not teach your baby to play only when there is a company. The child should play himself, if only he is not lagging behind in development. So he creates his own world and grows more distinctive, but if parents have a desire, they can sometimes take part in the game. In all activities with children, try to keep calm and not be annoyed, even when something is not working or broken, broken. The baby should be well aware that tears will not help, that one should be careful, thrifty and careful.

And how to talk with children if you put forward any demands? It is necessary to learn an authoritative tone - it should be, when you give orders, calm, without rudeness and irritation, without pleading notes. Not anger, not a shout, not a plea, not a pleading, but a serious business order must express family discipline. Neither you nor the children should have any doubts that you have the right to such an order, and each parent must learn to give it up, not be lazy and not shy away from the promptings of peacefulness.

Over time, the order will become the usual traditional form and you will learn to give it different shades: tones of directive or irony, or advice, or a hint. Learn to distinguish between the actual and fictitious needs of the child, and then your parental order will turn into a pleasant form of communication between you and the child. It is necessary to develop the habit of the child to fulfill the orders of caregivers - this not only facilitates his upbringing, but also allows him to save his nerves, to prevent whims and bad actions.

Such upbringing establishes a relationship of seriousness and mutual respect, and it does not contradict being gentle, tender with a child, playing and naughty sometimes. To raise precautionary and polite children, it is necessary from the first year of life to observe mutual delicacy and not to allow even in games coarse obtrusiveness, impolite actions and expressions. Every year the requirements for the development of intelligence and culture of behavior should be increased.

When forming a character, pay attention to the form of its manifestation. In the early stages of character development, the behavior of some children may be determined by temper, impetuousness, in others, by slowness, and in others, by shyness. All excessive negative manifestations can be corrected, forming in children the ability to arbitrarily control their behavior. Character is the total manifestation of many properties of the child and is associated with its overall development.

Take care of yourself and your children, be with them wise educators and remember: the participation of parents in shaping the character and intelligence of children is the basis of parental authority.

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