Loneliness - is it bad or not?

Well, well, you want to get a guy. For what? In order not to be alone or to attract everyone's attention? If based on one of these reasons, think twice!

Favorite person - a gift of fate, which must be cherished. And if you intend to solve your problems at someone’s expense, this is no good! I will say more: in this case you will lose all your attractiveness.

True love sometimes has to wait for years, the main thing is to believe in your luck and to love yourself!

It has long been known that they love one who loves himself.
And for this you need to get as many positive emotions as possible, indulge yourself, enjoy every moment of life: communication with friends, a read book.

Do not waste time thinking about the fact that you do not have a loved one, but do your best to please yourself!
And then, I assure you, he will appear. And when this happens, you will understand that I was right.

Relationship with a friend does not always develop easily and simply. But if you haven't figured it out yet, why you stopped her choice on it, it will be even harder for you.

Perhaps you maintain a relationship with him for fear of being alone. Most likely, the way it is. Or you are not ready for a serious feeling. To deceive oneself and not only, meeting with another, to feel guilty, in my opinion, is tiring. Wouldn't it be better to be a bit alone?

Loneliness is not such a bad thing.
If I did not convince you that it would be better, put yourself in his place.
Always deal with others as you think they should relate to you.

Beloved man - not a thing that boast and that all demonstrate. He himself must be both interesting and necessary., not his car, position, etc.

Do not try to take on the role that is not typical for you - you will only complicate your life. If a young man doesn't like you, leave him. You are you, and do not pretend to be God knows what. And then, if a man likes certain certain things, this does not mean that he wants to have a girlfriend with the same exact tastes.
It's great when people have something in common. But relations can be no less exciting if two people have different interests.

Cinema and television create the illusion that love lasts forever. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Love is rarely for life - we change, our worldview changes.

The one with whom everything was good for a long time, suddenly, as it were, ceases to exist, moreover, you do not understand what you found in it before. Relationships, even very good ones, often culminate and cannot develop further. This happens when one begins to take the other for granted, or simply ceases to love.

In general, the relationship between lovers can not remain unchanged. The first love unrest and trepidation are either replaced by a more steady feeling, or they disappear.

If in relations with young people you are always the suffering side, that is, they leave you, do not take it as if you are useless. Remember: you are the same as when your friend fell in love with you. Only his perception of you has changed.

The worst thing is when you are abandoned.. And it must be experienced, it is necessary to go through it.
But life does not end there, and the gap only proves that you can’t outsmart the fate, that this is just not your man and is still ahead. Over time, the pain in the heart, if it does not go away completely, will subside, and you will fall in love again.

Love brings suffering, but still to love and be loved - with nothing comparable happiness!

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