How to prevent a nervous breakdown?

Something similar happens to us as a result of a wrong lifestyle. A nervous breakdown can occur when we spend more energy than we receive for weeks, months, and even years.

Can you prevent a nervous breakdown? Of course, it is possible and even necessary to do this. And here prevention is the best means, as in the fight against any disease.

First we need to know the three stages of a nervous breakdown.
The first is “finest hour". This is a time of enthusiasm, an ardent desire to complete the task and job satisfaction. At this stage, the person is completely given to work. The inspiration is so great that he does not pay attention to energy reserves at all. They begin to actively spend, laying the beginning of the process of devastation.

This leads to the stage called “fuel shortage". Only now a person begins to notice that the forces are running out. Signs of internal exhaustion begin to appear. Detachment becomes a normal state at this stage. Symptoms of various diseases are felt, irritability and anger come. Falling asleep becomes more difficult and waking up at night is common. Depression begins, in which reality is most often escaped with the help of alcohol and drugs, or by sitting for hours on TV.

The last stage is coming - “a crisis". At this moment a person is embraced by pessimism and a desire for revenge. Doubts about any reason begin, indecision appears. The state of apathy becomes an obstacle to solving their problems. Frustrated people often give up work at this stage. A person is haunted by one question: “Who needs all this?”.

So, knowing the stages that should signal danger, and finding at least one of them in oneself, it is necessary to change something in life rather than to get a nervous breakdown.

What needs to be changed? What are the secrets of dealing with a nervous breakdown? They are simple, as all ingenious.

An urgent need to rest, and not the way you always do it. In this case, the rest can be a change in the type of activity. You need to change your daily routine. At this time, you should do more of what you like, getting pleasure and satisfaction from it.

It is imperative to eat right. In a timely manner and in sufficient quantities. To abuse food is not worth it, since eating too much is as harmful as eating almost nothing.
Be sure to find time for fun. Let there be more than one job in life. Let it be any hobby that would remove monotony and bring satisfaction.

Exercise relieves tension caused by distress (negative stress), so make it a rule to set aside time for intense exertion, especially if you do not work physically at work. The body needs our attention and physical exercise will be a special concern for it. As the saying goes: "in a healthy body is a healthy mind."

What else is important for each of us in the fight against nervous breakdowns is to have a “support group”. Every person needs people with whom he could talk, especially when he is in a depressed mood. Here we are talking about, of course, friendly relations, which are not built in a day or two, so you need to take care of this in advance. Find a person who would have your confidence and could support in difficult times.

And finally - it is imperative to find time for solitude and reflection on the meaning of life. Let it be your personal time - the time of meditation or prayer, the time when you will be in yourself. This is the time for inner self-awareness and development.

We have everything necessary to prevent a nervous breakdown, to live freely and work more fruitfully. And our future depends on us, only on us. May it be bright and happy.

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