How to learn to live without fear?

Have you noticed how they are attracted by our experiences? In the people it is called "the law of meanness." Fear seems to say: “Afraid? Well, then on you, get it! ”And as a result of the one who is afraid of being fired - they are dismissed; he who is afraid of being robbed is robbed; the one who is afraid not to pass the exam falls out of the one and only unlearned ticket. And fools are lucky! You, probably, already guess why: because they are not afraid.

Fear is a signal that says that something needs to be changed for a harmonious and efficient life. And it is up to you to decide: deal with your fears, to live happily and fulfill your intentions, or go with fear in your mind, forget about intentions and dreams and react, spend your strength to hide fears deeply from yourself and from others.

Deeply subconsciously fear carries two messages:
- be careful, the world is full of dangers;
- you can't handle it.
And in the very foundation of fear lies precisely the second. But if you knew that you could cope with anything, then what would in principle be capable of scaring you?

So, getting rid of fear is a snap: you just need to start believing in yourself. It is necessary to rejoice more often, to notice beautiful, funny, funny moments in life - a joyful person does not think about fear. Fear can be ridiculed. You can draw this fear (somehow, the main thing is to associate fear), then stick it on the ball and periodically kick it.

The first step to getting rid of fear is to admit to yourself that it is. Next, pull it out and look at it, look at it from all sides (as a rule, it turns out to be not that big). The next step is to understand, analyze why you are so afraid of that from the past, and not only yours, but, possibly, your close relatives, causes or heightens your fear. Fear that has a name is not so strong.

The surest way to get rid of fear is to look into his eyes. Are you afraid of something? Well, go to the source of your fear, look at it with eyes full of fire, laugh at him for his attempts to scare you ... Are you afraid of the dark? Well, enter late at night in a dark room and sit in it until the morning! You are baked by a drunken company that has surrounded you somewhere far from a crowded place at night. Well, stand in the third position and stick out their tongues! Spread them with your hands and be like that!

Fear manipulates us. Does not allow us to reach those heights that we can reach. It spoils our relationship with relatives, with friends, does not allow us to live a full life. Fear attracts unhappiness. Because of fears, we lose the most expensive.

Get rid of fear! Dare! Go and do not look back! Find your inner courage and act against your fears. Believe in yourself! All you can do and everything on the shoulder!

Watch the video: Living Life Without Fear. Neale Donald Walsch (December 2019).


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