How not to "burn" on the way to the goal?

In this high-risk group there may be people who on duty help others, teach them. These are teachers, doctors, rescuers, social workers, etc. But in the development of the syndrome of combustion, not the last role is played by personal qualities of a person.

Including perfectionism (the desire to achieve perfection), excessive demands on themselves and others. Usually such people have a fear of failure, they always strive to “comply”, they tend to have a heightened sense of responsibility, they live with the feeling “everything rests on me”. While these people are usually workaholics, they can be internally insecure, even prone to Samoyed.

This condition in people manifests itself in different ways. But the main signs are fatigue, apathy and emotional emptiness. It often happens that a person sets a goal, aspires to it, but life circumstances irresistibly interfere with its implementation. Sometimes even a workaholic, having experienced a fiasco, can become confused, turn into a weak-willed performer.

Experts pay attention to the three stages of development in people of the syndrome of combustion.

The first is stress. During this period, the person feels dissatisfaction with himself, frustration, anxiety, irritability. The second is resistance (the situation is getting worse, less positive emotions), the number of problems that a person cannot cope with is growing. As a result, a person experiences moral and physical exhaustion. This lack of emotion, loss of self, can cause serious health problems.

It must be said that people experiencing these conditions do not always go to a doctor. Many of us, feeling that something that used to bring joy, are no longer happy, depressed, disappointed, or unable to cope with ordinary things, all this is taken for ordinary fatigue. Say, it's not so scary. We need a little rest, and everything will recover by itself. It is not uncommon that even after a rest apathy does not disappear, the mood does not rise, fatigue does not go away.

And what is really quite unpleasant, a person begins to experience headaches, pains in the back, chest, insomnia torments him. Very often, "burned out" complain about the growing weight. Indeed, overeating, they run away from problems. For the same reason, people have a craving for alcohol, nicotine, gambling, etc.

By the way, the culprit of the syndrome of combustion is an internal conflict, which is derived from the inconsistency of the desired with the real.

Suppose that a person is obsessed with an idea, for the sake of it he is ready for anything. Other spheres of life cease to interest him, some imbalance arises, a career (business) covers the need for hobbies, friends, the family suffers. This contradiction is bad for the psyche. Such a person all the time feels like running for the departing train, which, alas, is very difficult to catch up with.

Or another example. A person has very high demands for himself. He set for himself such a “bar” that he could not overcome. And then quite successful people begin to "burn."

Treatments for burnout syndrome are individual. But there are also general recommendations related to positive thinking that are applicable to every person in this situation. The main one is to understand and love yourself. A person must realize that he is unique and unique, that not success is the measure of his originality, but the personality itself. Personality is the source of success, joy and love. Finally, satisfaction with life.

It is equally important to learn to respect your own needs and desires. Do not be afraid that someone will think badly of you, condemn it in some way. After all, people do all this through the prism of their own perception. And further. Do not follow the "idol." When success in a profession, ideal relationships, etc., becomes an idol, for example, when a person puts everything on the map to achieve a goal, he turns from a master of his aspirations into their servant, and then loses himself.

You will say that only very enthusiastic people make discoveries, become heroes and Nobel laureates. That's right. But agree that transcendental heights do not reach all.

However, to achieve something significant in life, to achieve your goal, you must also be able not to burn on the way to it.

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